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Plumbing installation

We are one of US’s first companies dedicated to providing the community with sustainable plumbing consultations for the supply and installation of your rain water tank, storm water harvesting and re-use, solar hot water systems and water saving devices in US.

With fully licensed and experienced McKenna Square Plumbing and Heating plumbers, we specialize in sustainable plumbing and solar hot water systems for domestic, commercial water users including rain water tank installation in US with both above ground tanks and unerground rain water tanks available.

McKenna Square Plumbing and Heating offer a total plumbing solution, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, across the metropolitan area. If your hot water system has had the bomb, we guarantee to have your new system installed within 24 hours, without costing the earth.

Whether you need an instantaneous electric system, we have the most comprehensive range of standard hot water replacement systems available and only stock the best brands. We are the hot water specialists!